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Advocate for Change

Become an Advocate The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Advocacy Alliance needs your help to translate the Komen promise to end breast cancer forever into government action to discover and deliver the cures for cancer.

What You Can Do:

Join Us in our mission to translate the Komen promise into government action. Visit  today.

Take Action. We need your help! Visit to see how you can make your voice heard.

We need your help to make these public policy priorities a reality. Each new advocate brings us one step closer to discovering and delivering the cures.

  • Increase the federal investment in cancer science and research
  • Protect and expand federal and state programs that provide cancer screening, treatment and education services to women in underserved areas
  • Ensure access to affordable cancer care at the state and federal level by promoting access to clinical trials and parity for oral chemotherapy drugs
  • Support passage of the Breast Cancer EARLY Act (H.R. 1740, S. 994), which will initiate an evidence-based public education campaign about breast cancer in young women and provide resources for young women diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Support passage of the 21st Century Cancer ALERT Act (S. 717), which will streamline and strengthen the cancer research process, and promote collaboration both among government agencies and with the private sector

Visit  to learn more.