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Host an Event

Hello, Woman of Promise!

When you joined Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Circle of Promise, you did a great thing for the women in your community. You made them part of the circle, too, simply because of your personal promise to help them understand the truth about breast cancer. While every woman is your sister in the fight against breast cancer, the best way to start spreading the news is among that sister circle of women closest to you. Reach out to those women and invite them to a gathering that offers an opportunity to get involved and give back by making a financial contribution to the fight against breast cancer in the African American community. Along the way, your guests will enjoy some fun, some food, some good company and an opportunity to learn the truth about breast cancer.

Providing a learning opportunity

Think about the subjects you want to address. With only 77 percent of African American women surviving five years after diagnosis (the rate for white women is 90 percent), there must be a lot of information that just isn’t getting out there. If you’re not comfortable running or planning the discussion on your own, contact your local Susan G. Komen for the Cure Affiliate for ideas.

Setting a fundraising goal

Keep it simple. Decide what would be a reasonable amount for each guest to contribute—$5, $10, whatever amount is realistic. Every little bit plays a role in supporting research, clinical trials and community programs designed to help reduce breast cancer death rates.

Making your guest list

Don’t be afraid to invite women from different areas of your life. There is important common ground to the subject of breast cancer that can easily break the ice among people who have just met.

Sending your invitations

You don’t need anything fancy. If you can call people or simply invite them when you see them around, that’s great. But to make sure they have a physical reminder about your event, there’s nothing like a handwritten note or invitation card. E-mail is also a good option, as long as you’re sure that the ladies on your list check their e-mail regularly. Whatever method you choose, just be clear that there is a fundraising aspect to your gathering. Make special note of the contribution amount you have decided on. Also consider using a motivating fact when inviting people, such as,

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African American women.” 

Setting your menu

Since this gathering is all about sharing truth and sharing the battle against breast cancer, we recommend a potluck covered-dish approach to food. Ask each of your guests to bring something to share. To keep things easier for you, the hostess, to do your share of the cooking, our friends at General Mills have provided a few easy and healthy recipes for you.

Collecting donations

There are several ways to do this. Put a box or jar at your front door along with a sign asking guests to make their donation upon arrival (you can mention that in your invitation, so they’ll have their donation ready when they arrive). “Pass the hat” at some point during your get-together (a fun and frilly hat from a local thrift store makes a fun collection plate). Just make the contribution and collection process easy on both you and your guests.

Sending in the funds you raise

Please encourage each contributor to send in their own check, so we can properly acknowledge each contribution over $10. For cash and checks that you collect personally, we’ve included a postage-paid envelope and information slip. Fill out the slip, tear it off, place it in the envelope along with your funds and then drop it in the mail. Please, do not send cash. We recommend depositing any cash into your checking account and sending us a check for the total amount. If you write one check for all collected funds, you will receive one acknowledgment letter.